Maine Civil War Trail
Maine Civil War Trail

America's Civil War The War Between the States The War of Northern Aggression The Late Unpleasantness

Americans, north and south, responded to the demands of the conflict in similar ways. Husbands, fathers and sons enlisted in the Army and Navy. Women kept the homefires burning while supporting the troops as nurses, Sanitary Commission workers, and spies. Children did their part, too, working on the farms and in mills producing weapons, gunpowder, uniforms, blankets and the like. Some 70,000 men and an uncounted number of women served on the battlefields. Thousands more labored at home to provide for the troops what the federal government could not. The exhibits along the Maine Civil War Trail tell their stories.Follow the Trail along the coast from Saco to Castine; then head inland to Bangor and Augusta. And don’t forget the western mountains – Kingfield, Bethel and Bridgton.

The Trail opens in spring 2013

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